randomness, rhythm's and rhymes. im convinced i live in my own little paradigm.
and here is where iv created a shrine of people i consider mine. 

randomness understood by very few, who have tasted my own personal morning dew.
in freshness of which they only knew, what comes from me in my very intimate hew.

randomness, rhythm's and rhymes. it defines me in a very thin line.
from seriousness to stillness, im how the word oxymoron is truly defined.

rhythm's are where i here a musical tune. to which i dance like a silly balloon.
to pick up a beat in my own mind and shake it like i had some wine.

randomness, rhythm's and rhymes. seduce me to live as a grape wine.
creeping up and expanding horizons, wile keeping roots to the ones who feed me diesel.

rhymes are fun and silly too. so i do it to entertain my own muse.
talking silly and making a pun. is some thing i do just for fun